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"Music Money"
Chlon Rogers

  • The different sources of income in music 

  • How each source of income is generated

  • How to make sure you are paid what you're owed

  • Definitions of commonly used "money terms" in music

  • How to allocate/separate your income sources early

  • Form(s) to help organize your income/expenses

  • Basic strategies on account structure

& More


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My Story

The success of Chlon Rogers is the result of a strong-willed woman who may not have always had a clear-cut plan but has certainly always had an unwavering vision. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chlon moved to Atlanta, GA at just 20 years old with the determination to achieve success as an entrepreneur, in her own lane. While still in undergrad as a Business Administration Major with an Accounting Concentration, she was introduced to the Entertainment industry through a position with Think It’s A Game Entertainment in Events & Promotions as the event accountant. During this time, Think It’s A Game Entertainment also had signed artists, but had not officially broken into the music business. After 2 years in the promotions realm, the organization finally caught its big break when they inked a multi-million dollar joint venture with Def Jam Recordings. Think It’s A Game “Entertainment” became Think It’s A Game “Records”, and Chlon was officially introduced to the music business.

As she matriculated through graduate school, she simultaneously used her efficacious networking skills and her passion for business to guide her through the inception of Checkmate Business Management of which she is the founder and CEO. Checkmate Business Management provided business and financial management services to entertainers, artists and independent record labels. During this time Chlon also wrote a book, “Music Money”, to help educate creatives in the music business on music monetization. Additionally, she wrote and executive produced a short film “Ballin On A Budget” to depict some of the many choices artists make after signing a record deal. Her goal is to continue educating artists through products and visuals to help them maximize revenue within their custom business models.

Recognizing her incomparable work ethic and unparalleled skillset, multi-platinum producing record label, Think It’s A Game Records appointed her the position of COO. After years of navigating through the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, building a strong client roster, and successfully overcoming every obstacle in her path, Chlon has mastered this industry in the manner of a true music business maven; self-proclaimed Mrs. Music Business. Her journey has afforded her the opportunity to work with an eclectic range of talented artists, multiple independent record labels, and a diverse portfolio of projects. After years of working with billboard charting artists, acquiring 8 RIAA certified plaques and dedicating herself to multiple philanthropic projects, Chlon’s original vision has yet to waiver, and there is still a plethora of success and new launches to come.

My Products
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